I would like to say how grateful we are for taking such great care of Mamba. We could not be there for the last year of his life, but knowing what you were doing for him made it easier to bear. I know that you treated him like a baby, cooked special meals for him and hand fed him when he would not touch the food in his bowl. You took him to the vet when he was sick and made sure he took his pills. You also found time to send us pictures of him on his walks, in the coat that you bought him so that he won't be cold that last winter, and write to us telling us about him.
Thank you for your wonderful care and for your kind heart.
Dora Scheinberg
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Shangri-Paw Pet Services has the best rabbit sitter around! Our beloved Bunbun has now departed this earth, but both she and her caregiver had a special bond and would come in twice a day whenever we were away. I think they both looked forward to the adventure. Bunbun never had any separation anxiety because she had someone who loved their job and did an excellent one, to take care of her when we weren't available. If we ever get another pet, Shangri-Paw Pet Services will be the first place we call and we have no hesitation to recommend their services to anyone that asks.
Ron & Dianne Paluch

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I just wanted to tell you from the bottom of my heart how grateful I am for the love and care you always show to my babies!! You are the only person other than family whom I would trust without even giving it a second thought with the well being of Zeus, Ruby and Onyx. You have always gone above and beyond when it comes to my guys and I just wanted to thank you for that. You are always professional and through the time we have known each other, you have also become a friend. The dogs are always insanely happy when they see you and that just says it all right there. I would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you for the amazing work you do!!!
Thank you and we love you!!
Leeza, Elly, Zeus, Onyx, Ruby and the rest of the Brook family

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Thank you for the amazing care you have given to my precious Chloe. This is probably our sixth time at the very least boarding with Shangri-Paw Pet Services. The care, love, dedication and kindness you give is above and beyond the call of duty. I always know when Chloe is with you that she is happy and having the best time of her life! You run an incredible business where I am confident that Chloe will be safe, loved and secure. The pictures you post are great and I always feel that I am in close contact with my baby. Thank you for creating Shangri-Paw Pet Services and thank you for providing a great home for pets while their owners are away. I always feel confident recommending you and I know that those of my friends who have used you have always reported back on how thrilled they were with your care. Keep up the incredible work and Chloe will look forward to boarding with you again next week while I go on a business trip! With both of our thanks,
Cheryl & Chloe
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Shangri-Paw Pet Services is Sheba's "home away from home"! Sharon does an amazing job with Sheba and always goes the extra distance to make sure she is well cared for. Sheba has never come home happier. I highly recommend Sharon and Shangi-Paw!
Paul & Sheba
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My family and Penny have been thrilled with the care we have received with Shangri-Paw Pet Services. We had occasion to use Shangri-Paw for boarding with our last dog and when we got our puppy Penny we knew that there wasn't anyone else we would want to be Penny's "Auntie" more than Sharon. When Penny has been out with the pack she is calm and relaxed for the remainder of the day. I do not hesitate to recommend Shangri-Paw for daily walks or over night boarding.
Arlene & Penny
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I met Sharon Herman, owner and pack leader of Shangri-Paw Pet Services through a mutual client of ours about 4 years ago. Being that I am a Veterinarian and a practice owner, I have had many occasions to work intensively with Sharon either with her own pets or with her clients’ pets when they have needed medical care or just advice while in her care. Shortly after getting to know Sharon, I recognized her to be a passionate and responsible person who truly loves her work with animals. She is extremely dedicated to her clients and their pets and thinks outside of the box when needed. I most certainly recommend Shangri-Paw Pet Services for all of the company’s pet services including home dog boarding, walking, pet visits and much more.
Dr. Eldad Weiner, DVM
Upper Bathurst Animal Clinic

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